Corporate Design   01


  Our professionals are from both business and design background. They know the needs of corporates from different industry and the right design tools to improve their branding, efficiency and effitiveness. We design from corporate culture to every small details such as letterhead. For each client, we provide tailor-made design solutions to satisfy its needs. Setting high benchmark of our works, we make our service quality comparable to market leaders. Our advantages are innovative mindsets for creating successful solutions.Our design spectrum are company culture, mission and vision statement, logo, website, namecard, letterhead, structuring (such as IPO, merger and acquisition with Partner CSS), booklet, pamphlet, curriculum materials and etc. We provide 360 degree design solution for corporate branding.

System Design 03


  Technology is one of the competitive arena for improving user expereience. An user-friendly technologicial interface for consumers to shop goods, understand and follow corporates is very important, Our design teams provide packages for desging online store, ordering system, company apps,  blogs, CCTV, security system, whatsapp and wechat group advertising and management. We help company to improve its operation efficency. Our project managers are ready to design and solve your technological problems.

Interior Design 02


  Our Project teams will fully participate from quotation to maintenance period in order to ensure every project completed successfully under tight schedule. One-stop service is our advantage, i.e. we have our own design team for floor plan and 3D drawings. We also have our own construction crews who are ready to join in the projects. Our carpenters and electricians are experienced in executing commercial decoration details. We know the requirement Fire Service Department, Building Department and other Licensing Bureaus. The complicated documentary works are not difficult for us. We are fully aware the compliance procedures and the consequence of delayed project completion. We are driven to design and serve for better business  environment.

Communication Design  04

   We help our corporate clients to convey messages to public, including issuing corporate videos, animations, weekly newsletter, monthly magazines, regular product brochures and blog articles. Our designers will manage internal and external materials appear in company website, facebook, sina blog and wechat. We build clients' branding through meticulous design of publication materials. We shparpen coproate clients communication capability by sincerely designing wordings, graphics, product and service details.