Birth of WIS

WIS stands for Wisdom Innovation Strategy Limited, is a design-oriented creative corporate focusing on consulting and project management in commercial world. Our founding members are from diversified qualified professional background such as design, business and engineering. We approach problems with different perspectives and attempt to create solutions maximize clients' benefits. We want to look at issues from different professionals' eyes, so we could design solutions with different elements which could never be input by an individual. We believe the equation "One pluses one is greater than two." if right components are formed in a project team which synergy effect occurs. Our corporate values every talent who devotes to their works and fights for a better life. Customer satisfaction is our service goal which is guaranteed by win-win proposals. We enjoy value creation process and believe innovation is the key to success.

Our vision is to become the world-leading design conglomerate . Our mission is to design our clients success by innovating their business models and improving their product and service quality. The core competitiveness of WIS is the innovative spirit demonstrated by its members. Our members follow the rule "Sincerely we design a better world." Accomplishing projects with heart and passion, we are motivated to strike the best success. With right attitudes toward work-life balance, we expect every teammate to voice out their opinions for improving efficiency and effectiveness in handling projects. We believe happy life will make people work better. The ones who can excel beautifully in his/her daily life could also make others better. We design contagious success and happiness. The meaning of corporate should be value creation, but happiness for life. To our determination, WIS will have a tough but happy corporate culture. Keep evolving everyday.


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