System Design

Our team members are not only have professional design-related areas qualification, but they also have strong technological education. Some of them are very good at creating mobile online interface, which attract many mobile phone users surf clients' websites. They are tailor-made for different industries with high-quality and clear product content. Views could make their purchase immediately through their mobile phones which display very user friendly control panel. The website design is complementary to facebook, wechat and company apps. For some big corporate, they have the needs to use their own apps to manage their own members, such as promoting new products and monitoring clients' purchasing data. We could help client to build inventory monitoring system, and even debtors and creditors tracking systems.

Apart from software and online system, our expertise in interior renovation is able to helps clients build security system, such as CCTV and Electronic lock. We will help clients to build "suitable-sized" with right number of cameras and data storage system. The main door lock is important for company security and image. Therefore, we would provide different quotations with different model and brands, such as Soyal for client's consideration.

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