Communication Design

Nowadays, corporate emphasize a lot on effectively communicating company culture, policies, news and awards to public, especially to customers and investors. Good communication design can help to build 360 degree branding and increase consumers to spend money.

It should be a top-down approach and focus on one core message to transfer to clients. If the message is told by a beautiful story, make it as legend, it would be much easier for audiences/readers to remember.How strong the message it could be? The first requisite is that the message should be meaningful and stand out from the crowd. Clear, short, precise and easy to remember slogan are necessary supplemented by a heart-echoing story which is emotionally attached. The message should be transmitted through every detail such as corporate videos, animations, weekly magazines, monthly magazines, regular brochures and blog articles. For internal communication tools, like minutes, emails and company interface like company website and wechat should also be designed by professionals with rationale. The format, style, color, shape, font size and wordings should match the message.

We are meticulously to details, which aim to build solid ground for every claim. Details are good to support corporate image.What people always neglect could cause great loss. We will focus on small clues for express corporate culture and value. People like to show and share what they are proud of it. Therefore, we have a thorough investigation of clients' preference for the design. It would make sure the liken

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