Trends in Renovation Sector

The revival of craftsmanship and a rise of smart home concept is changing interior design sector. Consumers are seeking a comfortable, but with culture sense and convenient living environment. Aesthetic environment is more than just physically appealing but with "soul" or identity. Uniqueness to differentiate from others are more much more popular. It could be a boring modern life that force exhausted citizens to search for culture vigor. Also, busy life forces people want to have "smart" home to get some easy comforts. For example, smart robots and appliances like lights and TV are in more need to get control of the fast pace life.

Our designers are well trained with both HK and Taiwan cultural education, they pay more attention to consumers' preference of particular culture and emotions attached to specific ones. Therefore, at the initial stage, the most important task of our designer is to what culture clients want for their venue, and then collect different cultural elements for clients to consider. Culture preference is private and personal, it is better for clients themselves to make decision. The "preferred" choice is always the best option. We have prepared a "smart" system for our clients including smart surveillance appliances, smart locks, TV, window, garage, window, air-conditioners and etc. Our cooperation suppliers are Xiaomi and Sharp. They are willing to supply us right appliances at better price. Therefore, we could give our clients better service and more suitable. Our carpenters are very experienced and skillful for producing beautiful furniture and fittings. We will provide drawings to make sure clients understand the stuff and then tailor-made according to their needs. Our own factories could well follow the drawings and produce accurate furniture and fittings quickly. Our direct labour i.e. skillful carpenters, electricians, metal workers,plumber and etc. could use our products from direct factory which could greatly reduce the cost. We have competitive advantages in both labour and decoration materials.

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