Expertise in Catering Indurstry

Our colleagues are with a lot of job experience related to catering industry. We help different leading catering brands to do their renovation, such as Miramar corporate, Hey YO!! Frozen Yogurt,Super Star Group and etc. We could provide one stop services including design, renovation and licence application to our clients. We are clear about the regulations and capable to find suitable materials for fulfilling requirements of Fire Service Department, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and Building Department.

Here are Dos and Don'ts:


1. Choose right venue with government permission for catering business.

2. Choose a venue without any lawsuit problems.

3. Restaurants not smaller than 30 square metres, and not smaller than 20 square metres for a refreshment kiosk.

4.Choose a venue with enough loading capability.

5.Choose a venue with enough fire aisle.

6.Choose a venue with enough fresh, toilet water, and sewage system.

7.Choose a venue that could have independent ventilation in kitchen, toilet and seating area.

8.Submit 3 sets of restaurant drawings and ventilation design drawings to licence department. The drawing ratio should not be less than 1:100.

9.Beware of the sewage, air pollution, noise pollution regulations.

10.Hire professional authorized people or structural engineer to complete the job.


1. Choose a venue inside an industrial building.

2. Choose a venue where upper floor is for residents.

3. Choose a venue that is below ground 4 floors or more.

4.Choose a venue that is for emergency treatment.

5.Locating below registered school, baby care centre or elderly home in consideration of any fire accidents.

6.Locating kitchen or food storage near sewage, waste treatment, rain and feces disposal place.

7.Start site work before approval gotten.

8.Revise the approved drawings without further approval.

9.Start to operate before licence obtained.

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