Decoration in Catering

After selecting right location in consideration of potential clients flow and numbers of takeouts, the owners have to consider the decoration of the shop. Interior design could really help owners to build branding and provide very important first impression. The signage, the logo and the menu are also items to impress clients, apart from prior factor food quality. I try to list out decoration items in the following:

1.Hoardings before dismantling and have poster on hoarding for promotion;

2.Buy Contractor All Risks Insurance

3.Have Design plan, either drawings or sample pictures for effect following. After 3D drawings are given, mood board should be prepared for confirmation.

4.Dismantling the existing wall, furniture and fittings and old fitting outs;

5.Electrical wiring, socket

6.Fire Service Pipe Relocation

7.Conduit Installation

8.Air Ducting Installation

9.Air Diffuser Installation

10. Sewage Pipe Installation

11. Bar Kitchen Exhaust System Installation

12.Painting Works

13.Floor Tiling

14.Lighting Installation

15.Furniture Placing

16. Project Handover

The above items could be done simultaneously, though it might follow one by one according to timeline. At the same time, licence application and relevant HR issues should be undergoing for restaurant operation in the foreseeable future.

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