Licence issues for restaurants

Opening a restaurant is not a simple issue. It, at least, has to consider 11 aspects for get approval from Food and Hygiene Department, Fire Service Department and Building Department. We talk about the necessary considerations for successful applicants.

1.The design should fulfill basic requirements for reasonable space for cooking, staff moving across in kitchen and dinning area, placing catering related equipment and machines and etc. The good space planning also reduces the chances of infection for food.

2. The section 31(1) of Food Business Regulation requires the proper ratio of kitchen, food cooking room and dishes washing area to whole restaurant and should not less than the standard.

3. The material of ceiling and wall should be well chosen and suitable for construction, which is easy to clean and keep at good condition. The veneer in false ceiling should contain some holes, but this should be avoided in kitchen.

4.The floor for kitchen and food storage room should be non-slippery, light-colored, non-absorbent for water and durable. It should be a curved shape for conjunctions of wall corners.

5.Drainage in kitchen and food storage room should be properly connected to drainage system and carefully constructed to prevent accumulation of sewage。

6.The restaurant responsible should ensure water supply for for clean and cook food is enough and the source of water is from certified supplier in the list of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

7. There should be enough basins/sinks which are made of durable, non-adsorbent, smooth and easy-to-clean materials for hand washing. The length should not be less than 350mm, with the calculation of the inner edge of basin top.

8. There should be at least one dish washing sink.It should be made of smooth, durable, non-absorbent and easy-to-clean materials. Furthermore, one sterilizer,at least, should be prepared for porcelain utensils. Apart from sterilizer, dish washing machine or fungicide could be considered as a substitute with a prerequisite of approval from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

9. There should be enough lavatories for customers and the location should be carefully designed to avoid any direct contact with food. All sanitary equipment should be made of durable and impervious material.

10. Manholes are not allowed in kitchen and food prepared room. All hygiene and hand washing facilities should be connected to sewage and drainage system.

11. There should be at least one waste container, for temporary store wastage. This container must be made of solid and impervious material, with a tight cover.

12. The ventilation system in kitchen should be good enough for cleaning smoke, steam, hot and condensed water to ensure fresh air supply inside. Mechanical ventilation should be prepared if natural one does not work well. Every person should have at least 17 square metres of outdoor air every hour in the restaurant.

13.For every utensil which in contact of food, it should have anti-corrosive, smooth, anti-absorbent, durable and non-toxic proof, also ensure there would not be any transfer of color, smell, taste or unsafe materials to food. There should not be any cracks, holes or sharp corners on the utensils.

14. The lighting should be bright enough for cooks to prepare and cook food safely and comfortably. They should be easy to clean for any dirt on surface.

Further details could be prepared for the above points according to regulatory departments. We are here to help any future restaurant owners to build their catering business successfully.

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