Design for Subdivided Flat

Real Estate in HK is getting more expensive and non-affordable to most youngsters. The trend of having subdivided flat is becoming a trend. To improve living environment of HK citizens, we are motivated to provide some hints to potential owners to make up their precious inches.

Few factors such as ventilation, fire service, ergonomics, drainage and lighting are our priority to tackle. We have to check with different regulations with relevant government department. The material for partition concerns overloading is meticulous chosen. The flow of different pipes influence aesthetics and cost of the project, we have to check these out clearly. We also look at the window location to consider the layout design in order to avoid hermetic space. Moreover, the existing main walls and pillars limit the structure of flat layout. We have to combine aesthetics and functional applications referring to clients' need.

We provide some useful suggestions to improve space planning. We suggest to consider the application of glass, mirror finishing, folded and wall-mounted furniture to enlarge the space. The sophistication of color application in the room could also soften the "pressed" feeling of tiny place. For details, our designer could provide professional suggestions. Detailed and free consultations are provided to our clients. Value creations are our main concerns.

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