The Recipes of Spa House Decoration

Spa Shop is becoming more popular for urban citizens to relax. Due to the rising income of women, the beauty industry is expanding quickly in HK. The demand and supply of the spa shop is increasing at the same time, so the need for decoration service. Some issues related to interior design are especially important for creating a comfortable environment for clients to have relaxing spa experience.

The first one is about the shopfront area. It should be eye-catching and easy to show shop identity. The purpose is to premium branding of the company. Nowadays, clients have higher expectations towards beauty shop. They choose the one that suits their style and give them "right" mood and feeling. Therefore, the shopfront area has to be attractive physically and psychologically. The example is that by using elegant marble wall and well-designed chandeliers to attract consumers' attention, and reflecting "status" and "image".

Another factor is about the color of the whole spa shop. It should transfer the message of relaxation, therapy and rest. Most rooms will use light, soft and natural series of colors to convey the message. The ratio of using different color should be meticulously designed according to human brain structure. This will take depth to color tone and coloration to create the suitable atmosphere.

The last but not the least factor is about arrangement of drainage and fresh water pipes. Always, spa rooms contain a sink for hand washing and clean treatment purpose. Hot water pipe should be also installed for winter consideration. Apart from sinks, the shower installation is also a big concern. The point is that the drainage at low position which needs a pump for sewage disposal. Waterproofing treatment of toilet and shower rooms are with higher standard comparing with other area. The extra cost should be considered and layout plan should be taken this to evaluation. One of the means is to put toilet and shower rooms nearby, the labor and material cost will be saved.

Apart from the above factors mentioned, some more such as lighting design, Fengshui, air-conditioners, furniture and fittings are also with great effect for building an excellent spa environment. In conclusion, building a successful spa is a complicated project including lots of elements which requires a professional team's efforts. We are

ready to help any shop owners to build their dream venue for their clients.

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