Interior Design and Decoration for Elderly

WIS Studio emphasizes the concept of corporate social responsibility and makes sure every colleague supports it. We target elderly at providing free service to improve their living environment, such as free layout drawings and furniture purchases.

Concerning the design, we initiate simple layouts and less furniture to prevent stumbling around the flat. More direct lights should be used for elderly's degrading eyesight. Window should be well used to bring natural lights into the house, also making the flat with more spacious feeling. We suggest to use 4500K neutral lighting color to bring warmer and relaxing environment to elderly. Lighting switches are installed around the bed for conveniently turning on or off the lights. Our designer will install some artistic handles for elderly to grab near places they have to sit and lie down, such as beside bed, sofa or toilet. For cabinets, they should not be too high or short.Around 1.2M height, so elderly can get stuff more easily and safely. Moreover, the stairs or raised floor should not be too steep, in order to avoid falling down.

Considering the decoration materials, we will choose ones with better quality in anti-slippery ingredients, easy to clean and simple to use. Safety counts most important in selecting right cooking equipment and water boiler. The automatic turn off function is greatly preferred for elderly use as they are more suitable for scatterbrain. The exhausted fan and ventilation system should be well installed to keep the room fresh and comfortable. Free repair and maintenance service are provided after their decoration works, we clear their worries about the maintenance cost.

We, as volunteers help elderly to fill in forms for applying government subsidy. Free stamps are also provided for sending letters. We have teams specifically following up the issues. Free fruit will be sent to them monthly,totally 24 months to express our gratitude with respects towards them. We wish to see healthy and happy elderly in HK. After all, they contribute a lot to prosperity of modern HK. They deserve better treatment and respects.

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