Jewel Shop Decoration

Jewel shop is like a luxury boutique with less items but more strict details. The success of Jewel shop decoration lies on the following factors: professional lighting design, sophisticated security system, attractive showcase or display window, matching finishes with the whole design style.

Jewel shops are with different products, such as diamond, platinum, gold and Jade. Different products require different lighting color, intensity and color rendering . For example, warm white 3000K provides better sparkling for gold, but white 6000K for Platinum and diamond, and neutral 4500K is suitable for jade and other precious stones. For some eye-catching product, track lights could be applied to emphasize its importance and beauty.

Security concerns are one of the most important consideration when decorating jewel shops. Insurance company requires enough CCTV, suitable glass strength and well arranged alarm system. We will involve insurance company when the project is undergoing. This can make sure the success of buying insurance cover for jewel shop. Therefore, no extra cost for modifying the installation in order to match insurance company's requirement. The installation of safe and roller shutter are also considered to meet the safety requirement.

The design of the showcase is also very influential for the whole selling environment. First of all, the glass should be transparent but reinforced. Customers have to look at the jewels clearly and comfortably. Therefore, the spot light above cabinet should be with high CRI and smaller lighting angle to prevent dazzling light. Showcase is in great proportion in the whole space, the style should be consistent with the whole atmosphere. Whether it is modern or classical, we have to listen to clients' positioning and preference. Always, wood or wood veneer is applied to show high class of the product image.

Finishes are well chosen to harmonize the whole shop environment. For example, treatment of floor tile, false ceiling, wall veneer are all matched with the design style. Consistent style of every decorated item is encouraged for an elegant and charming jewel shop.

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