Material for Office Decoration

Apart from professional teams of technicians, we have a well-developed material supply system. All our materials are from factories. Some originates from Europe and America, and the others are form mainland China. Therefore, we have good bargaining powers with lead time and price on goods we ordered. Most importantly, whenever there is emergency about the discrepancy with the materials ordered or accidents during delivery, we could solve the problem very fast. This would reduce project overtime problem.

As we have good relationship with the material suppliers, we could get priority of tailor-made products. Though the quantity ordered for each job is small, we could still make our suppliers to provide the goods with good quality and at reasonable price.

The other advantage of our decoration material is that we could provide better warranty to our clients. As we direct deal with the manufacturer, we could give at longest 2 year warranty for the material. Once we promise our client, we will deliver the service as we have agreement with the factory. Always, factories are willing to help us in warranty issue as we are a VIP to our suppliers.

We will have a series of articles promoting and sharing the most up-to-date decoration materials to clients. The most recent promotion is on the carpet. We have a good source for woven vinyl mat. It is anti-fire, anti-corrosion, water-proof and anti-slippery. The pattern is also more variable and diversified. It is applicable in hotel, luxury office, malls. We offer very low price to our loyal client including material and labour fee. We plan for a revolution in decoration material.

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