Office Decoration in Green world

Entrepreneurs emphasize lots more on Eco-friendly working environment which is a part of CSR scheme to improve company's social image. Apart from benefits on branding, there are other benefits such as saving on electricity, increasing productivity of employees and improvement in aesthetic design of office.

By selecting environmental-friendly decoration materials and plants inside office, the air quality will be improved and less pollutants will be released by furniture and fittings. Those natural wooden chairs and tables are better than plastic ones as they are less odors and formaldehyde. Green plants in surroundings also make employees more relaxed and air fresher. Coatings such as photocatalyst on walls and windows make environment cleaner and anti-mildew. Heat insulation coating could be applied on windows which could reduce heat and electricity fees.

Selling green decoration materials to clients could also improve corporate competitiveness. Nowadays, consumers demand more green products though higher price as they know the benefits for long term. They require high quality of life, also show more social responsibility. Providing more choices of different green and new materials for clients' considerations,surely achieve bigger clients' satisfaction. This could also beat competitions when counterparts could not provide green solutions to potential clients.

One of our subsidiaries will focus on Eco-environment solutions. Some high-tech products and engineering works will be provided to different clients. Most importantly, unique grading service will be available for clients' consideration. We are bringing an evolution in green decoration.

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