Selection of emulsion paints

Paints are very important for interior decoration as they are serve as skin of the flat. The prettier the skin, the more elegant of the interior. There are few selection criteria to be considered.

The first one is safety. Customers should look at the VOCs contained in the paints. The lower is the better. Customers should check the test certificate done by third party. VOCs are harmful to human body, are regulated by law. Sometimes, customers could smell heavy stimulus from the paint. Those could be strong chemicals which are not healthy to human bodies. For example, if your eyes and nose feel strong stimulative, that paint could be with poor quality with lots of formaldehyde.

The second factor is about the function of the emulsion paint. Emulsion paints could be multi-functional. The basic is to whiten and smooth wall surfaces. Good emulsion paints will provide anti-mildew,anti-fouling and anti-bacteria. The life span will be much longer with around 25000 times of rubbing. Careful selection of the emulsion paint could be a great cost reduction in maintenance.

Another factor is about the price. It is a relative concept, which is not the cheapest the best. Price concerning the after sales service which could reduce a lot repair and maintenance cost. Customers should compare different service package with the price.

Our suggestion to the customer is to select right professionals to give advice on emulsion paint according to the site situation. We are happy to help you with tailor-made solutions.

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